About Me

My original idea for this site was to write a diary of my progress to keep me accountable. However with life, it is easy to lose site of your end goal. Once I understood how my diabetes can have adverse effects of other health issues, I have decided enough is enough. I need to be serious and face up to this problem head on.

Originally I planned to do this journey myself and making periodic appointments with my GP and Pathologist to monitor my condition. However when compounded with other illnesses, and being sick to death of suffering, I have decided to employ a health plan consulting with a variety of health professionals. My health plan will including consulting with my GP, Diabetes Educator, Dietitian and Podiatrists. I may also look at alternative medicines as I continue on this journey. I got this moment of revelation when I visited my GP on January 7, 2015.

But with a year of being mostly ignorant, I am now ready to learn and to move forward. Come and join me on my journey towards a Diabetes Free Future.

Page Updated: February 17, 2015.