So sick to death of being sick! – Part 2

I return to see my GP, and it looks as though he is about to tell me some bad news. Sure enough, my observation is correct.

He does another blood pressure test, examines my body mass, and then reads me the results of my tests. I find out that:

1. My blood pressure is sky high. It is border lining extreme hyper tension
2. My cholesterol is dangerously high, especially theĀ Triglycerides. They are like 8 times the normal levels
3. My fasted glucose levels are lower than on my previous two tests, but still very high

He then tells me that my Diabetes is contributing to these other problems, which is contributing to my other ongoing health problems. He strongly suggests that I undergo a Health Plan, which I volunteer to do, mainly because I am sick to death of being sick.

Now I understand the nature of the beast, I have decided that I need to address my health issues once and for all. Next stop is an appointment with the Chronic Disease Nurse to help me develop a tailored Health Plan.

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