Monthly Archives: December 2015

Looking forward to 2016

I am not a big believer in making new year resolution. You either do something or you don’t. Good intentions mean nothing when there is no commitment. So I wil not make any, but I will keep moving forward.

I did manage to survive Christmas. I may have gained a kilogram, but made sure I did not overindulge like I usually do.  I also survived both of my 40th birthday celebrations too. I think that having a flu like symptoms over the past week has also curbed my appetite too.

My exercise regime has been a bit limited due to a spur or lump on my knee, but instead of making it an excuse, I have already got my referral for an X-Ray (where I had the X-Ray pictures taken today), and I am using some alternate exercise methods as advised by the Exercise Doc at Atticus Health.

I have also been helping my wife do some basic renovations in the house, however the heat wave has been slowing down the progress.  Looking forward to a quick get away with my wife in the next few weeks. We are going to Bright, Victoria. Can’t wait.

Getting down to business

There is those that procrastinate, there are others that seem to be all talk but no show, and yet there are others that start something, and allow external circumstances to effect or doubt their decisions. I am a summary of all of these things (to a point) and I have had to work hard to change my mindset.

Even to this day, I still receive opposition from family members that are negative about my exercise program, or diet, or how I spend my time, however once you accept that you will face opposition, you can work around these challenges.  Without a doubt there will be important family matters that you must attend to, there will be work commitments outside of normal work hours, and these challenges may result with pauses in your progress, however it is important not to lose sight of the end objective. Therefore even with unavoidable pauses, you should not let your pauses become a convenient excuse to go back to your old ways.

For Jesus said: “No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God”. – Luke 9:62 KJV.

While this verse is making a direct challenge to believers in Jesus Christ, I also draw an analogy that I should also have the same attitude towards achieving the end objective too. My motivation is not based on vanity (about good looks), but on good health. I want to be able to breathe easy, sleep well, reduce my chronic head aches, tie up my shoe laces easily, being able to enjoy outdoor life more, have more energy, and to reduce or eliminate my reliance on my medication. These are good goals, and I am now committed to keep moving forward.

I am now a member of Atticus Health. They are close to home. Their team have been helping me move forward with these life transforming decisions. If you live in the Mornington Peninsula or even in South East Melbourne, I would recommend meeting the team at Atticus Health. They are more interested in getting you healthy than they are about being hugely profitable medical practice. A rare find these days in medical care.  I can’t recommend them enough.

Since commencing my program at the start of October 2015, I am now down about 10kg to just under 120kg. The secret to getting to the finish line is to move forward each time you stumble. If you try enough you will succeed.