Monthly Archives: December 2014

Looking at Diabetes Information Services in Australia

Fortunately for me, there are various Diabetes services in Australia.

Diabetes Australia offers good insight about the disease, and provides links with valuable resources including the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS).  It also provides good general information about what the disease is, and provides various tips on how to manage it.

Diabetes Victoria (which is in my home state) also provides inputs, but appears to be more of a  membership based support group, although it does have some interesting facts and figures. I have chosen not to sign up, as I am not sure what tangible benefit it can actually provide.

The NDSS web site provides you with information about what resources you need (to manage your diabetes), and also provides information about subsidies it can provide. I have applied for registration with this “scheming” program, but so far so good. It does have good information about NDSS pharmacies/providers too. The application process does require information on how to obtain your medical records and Medicare details, but it is a relatively straight forward process.

As I am on diet controlled Diabetes Management, It is essential I find out exactly what I need. So I know that a Blood Glucose testing device will be essential.