Monthly Archives: February 2014

So the Journey begins

It is not everyday that you find out that you have diabetes. but today that news was delivered to me.

I could go into denial, ignore it, sulk, but I know it won’t help. I have simply accepted it. I do know how dangerous this disease can be.  I have decided to tackle it head on instead.

I have been researching lots about low GI foods. I am also looking into juicing vegetables too – as a potential dietary supplement, as they contain high concentrations of nutrients, which I believe can assist with counter acting some of the damage that has already been done. But I do intend to record my journey daily.

My friend Tyrone also has this awful disease, and he is a big inspiration to me. He intends to smash it and I sure hope he continues on this journey as he has been an awesome inspiration to me.

This blog is now solely about my journey towards a healthier future life, and so today the journey has begun.

Today I start off with a green vegetable dinner, and steak. My exercise program this week is quite simple. Take the dog for a half an hour walk. So now the jouirney towards a healthier me begins.