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Getting down to business

There is those that procrastinate, there are others that seem to be all talk but no show, and yet there are others that start something, and allow external circumstances to effect or doubt their decisions. I am a summary of all of these things (to a point) and I have had to work hard to change my mindset.

Even to this day, I still receive opposition from family members that are negative about my exercise program, or diet, or how I spend my time, however once you accept that you will face opposition, you can work around these challenges.  Without a doubt there will be important family matters that you must attend to, there will be work commitments outside of normal work hours, and these challenges may result with pauses in your progress, however it is important not to lose sight of the end objective. Therefore even with unavoidable pauses, you should not let your pauses become a convenient excuse to go back to your old ways.

For Jesus said: “No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God”. – Luke 9:62 KJV.

While this verse is making a direct challenge to believers in Jesus Christ, I also draw an analogy that I should also have the same attitude towards achieving the end objective too. My motivation is not based on vanity (about good looks), but on good health. I want to be able to breathe easy, sleep well, reduce my chronic head aches, tie up my shoe laces easily, being able to enjoy outdoor life more, have more energy, and to reduce or eliminate my reliance on my medication. These are good goals, and I am now committed to keep moving forward.

I am now a member of Atticus Health. They are close to home. Their team have been helping me move forward with these life transforming decisions. If you live in the Mornington Peninsula or even in South East Melbourne, I would recommend meeting the team at Atticus Health. They are more interested in getting you healthy than they are about being hugely profitable medical practice. A rare find these days in medical care.  I can’t recommend them enough.

Since commencing my program at the start of October 2015, I am now down about 10kg to just under 120kg. The secret to getting to the finish line is to move forward each time you stumble. If you try enough you will succeed.

The recap summary

So I have lost sight of my blogging objective, it does not however mean I have lost sight of my goal. I will also endeavour to persevere with the blogging, especially as I am starting to feel a whole lot better than I used to feel, but still a long way to go. To be honest, I also thought about retrospectively writing old stories in a series and putting appropriate time stamps, but that means I am simply lying for no valid reason whatsoever. I will try and post on my trips home from work when I take the train home.

I completed my Diabetes Education program, which consisted of four half day sessions. I got to learn about blood sugar levels (and target levels), when to measure blood sugar levels, techniques to manage blood sugar levels, and understanding the difference between  hypoglycemic (low) and hyperglycemic (high) blood sugar condition and identifying the symptoms relating to these symptoms.  While the program was quite slow paced, it was well presented, and very easy to understand.

If you live or work around Frankston or the Morning Peninsula, I would highly recommend this  diabetes education program if you have recently been diagnosed with either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. If you pay attention, and follow the recommendations, it will serve you well.

This course also included information about diabetes associated illness, diabetes health issues, and included specialist input from highly qualified specialists within the fields of podiatry, dietary, and and health/fitness. I found this to be very helpful indeed.

Time to sign off, but I am in the process of re-doing a theme. I wasn’t too happy with the last one, so I will focus on getting that updated soon. My train station is fast approaching, so godbye for now.

Looking at Diabetes Information Services in Australia

Fortunately for me, there are various Diabetes services in Australia.

Diabetes Australia offers good insight about the disease, and provides links with valuable resources including the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS).  It also provides good general information about what the disease is, and provides various tips on how to manage it.

Diabetes Victoria (which is in my home state) also provides inputs, but appears to be more of a  membership based support group, although it does have some interesting facts and figures. I have chosen not to sign up, as I am not sure what tangible benefit it can actually provide.

The NDSS web site provides you with information about what resources you need (to manage your diabetes), and also provides information about subsidies it can provide. I have applied for registration with this “scheming” program, but so far so good. It does have good information about NDSS pharmacies/providers too. The application process does require information on how to obtain your medical records and Medicare details, but it is a relatively straight forward process.

As I am on diet controlled Diabetes Management, It is essential I find out exactly what I need. So I know that a Blood Glucose testing device will be essential.