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Looking forward to 2016

I am not a big believer in making new year resolution. You either do something or you don’t. Good intentions mean nothing when there is no commitment. So I wil not make any, but I will keep moving forward.

I did manage to survive Christmas. I may have gained a kilogram, but made sure I did not overindulge like I usually do.  I also survived both of my 40th birthday celebrations too. I think that having a flu like symptoms over the past week has also curbed my appetite too.

My exercise regime has been a bit limited due to a spur or lump on my knee, but instead of making it an excuse, I have already got my referral for an X-Ray (where I had the X-Ray pictures taken today), and I am using some alternate exercise methods as advised by the Exercise Doc at Atticus Health.

I have also been helping my wife do some basic renovations in the house, however the heat wave has been slowing down the progress. ¬†Looking forward to a quick get away with my wife in the next few weeks. We are going to Bright, Victoria. Can’t wait.